Tatyana McFadden,
There is nothing holding Tatyana McFadden back. There never has been, and there never will be. Born in Russia without the ability to use her legs, most people would accept this fate as defeat. Not her. She has an untamable spirit, a drive to prove anyone and everyone wrong. It was faith that brought her to America, and from there she has laid claim to 24 marathon titles. And she’s not done yet.
I am disabled, it’s a fact of life. I can’t walk and never will but I’m okay with that. But I never I only saw myself different. Everything you can do I can do. I think that has always been my key to success.
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It’s okay to be different. That’s the beauty of life. Tatyana faces challenges everyday but quitting is never be an excuse for Tatyana, only another challenge to conquer, a hill to climb, and Tatyana hopes to spread this same message to anyone in search of a similar spark. And she hasn’t yet met a hill she can’t climb. Marathon win number 25 might sound crazy, but for Tatyana, it’s part of her bigger dream to not only dominate the sport of distance running, but to also even the playing field for all athletes, regardless of race, gender or “disability.” Adversity will never be an excuse for her because it’s part of her only another challenge to conquer.
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